The Marilyn DeAllan Series

Credit: Nirav Shah @hobbysparrow

Coming Soon in 2024!

Book 1: Five Doors

Book One: Coming in 2024!

In the depths of her misfortune, Marilyn “Mimi” DeAllan, an Irish American girl burdened with a relentless streak of bad luck, discovers an unusual friendship with a young man named Asael, who claims to be the devil himself.

He understands Marilyn’s plight and offers to bargain with her. Not for her soul, but for something else, her assistance in capturing others’ souls. For a time, her bad luck seems to be abated. However, what initially seems like a glimmer of hope soon reveals itself to be a sinister alliance with an insidious companion.

As Marilyn delves deeper into this inevitable pairing, she realizes that her newfound friend and lover is not the benevolent guide she had hoped for.

Asael proves to be a narcissistic and controlling presence, using his influence to sway her every decision. He offers her and delivers a tantalizing array of promises: wealth beyond imagination, fame as a gifted singer and songwriter, and even the prospect of true love.

Yet, beneath these enticing gifts lies a web of deceit and manipulation and the complete loss of her autonomy. Marilyn learns that Asael can bend time with his magical watch and it dictates her entire existence.

With every passing day, Marilyn’s spirit withers under the devil’s oppressive grip. Desperate to escape his clutches and regain control of her own destiny, she musters the courage to break free from his malevolent influence.

The path to freedom, however, leads her into a world far more unforgiving and brutal than she could have ever imagined. Asael insists he has the cure for such pain: the magic time traveling doors.

Each door acts as a portal, allowing her to travel through time and rewrite her own story. But each time her story is rewritten her past finds a way to haunt her and the effects of it make it harder for her to move forward despite Asael’s claims that this does not happen.

And still, driven by an indomitable spirit and armed with a unique resilience, Marilyn eventually travels to Ireland to get to the bottom of her bad luck. There, in an antique shop in Dublin she finds a mystical wristwatch that possesses the same power as Asael’s to manipulate time.

This enchanted timepiece becomes her key to unlocking the magical doors scattered across different eras of time that take her directly to one of her equally unlucky ancestors. With the help of one friend Vanessa that has found a way to follow her through time, they discover it might be possible to defeat Asael.

As Marilyn ventures through these enchanted doors, she encounters heartbreak, betrayal, and unimaginable cruelty in various epochs. Yet, she refuses to succumb to the overwhelming darkness that surrounds her. Through her unwavering resilience and the lessons she learns along the way, she discovers her own strength and the power within to break free from her cursed existence.

Each door she walks through brings her closer to the ultimate challenge—the fifth and final door. Which is not what you might expect.

It is there that Marilyn must face one of her deepest fears, confront her darkest demons, and figure out a way to finally break the chains of her ill fortune.

Time itself becomes both her enemy and her ally as she battles against the relentless forces of fate.

In this gripping tale of determination, Marilyn DeAllan’s relentless pursuit of freedom takes readers on a rollercoaster ride through time and emotion.

Only time will tell if Marilyn’s magical watch and her unwavering courage will be enough to rewrite her destiny and find the redemption she so desperately seeks.