Meet Amy

A Philly girl at heart though she’s lived all over.

When not traveling, Amy is writing “Comic Dark Romance,” “Quippy, dialogue-heavy Women’s Fiction,” “Humorous Speculative Dystopian Sci-Fi with talking robot dogs,” and “Magical Realism (Fantasy) based on Irish folklore about the devil.”

A true genre-hopper, she also published a few volumes of poetry in her previous life as an academic. She was published alongside other poets in Poets Digest’s Prompted.

She’s well-versed in voice, theater, radio/podcast, and is a HUGE comedy nerd. She was also a humor writing columnist.

She lives with her awesome husband, stepson, daughter, and a cat named Ruby.

Keep an eye out for her upcoming release of STAR SICK (the humorous Speculative Dystopian Sci-Fi with talking robot dogs) in Spring of 2023!