New Years Resolutions 2020 (and on…)

I know people typically have their resolutions laid out for them on January 1st, but I took my time this year. What is the reason I took a step back to truly evaluate my resolutions?

Well, I was already putting many of them into practice. I resolved somewhere around my birthday, back in October and maybe even a few months before that, how I was going to spend the rest of 2019. I hoped that ultimately whatever I was doing in 2019 would carry over into 2020.

In fact, I wasn’t even planning on resolving to do anything. The thing is though, even though I had “plans” and I was doing lots of “stuff” I was pretty disorganized.

Juggling multiple projects, and making incremental progress in many different directions, it was getting to be difficult for me to pinpoint the exact progress I was making.

And that might be happening to you.

Big, unrelated goals are difficult to accomplish. “Lose 50 pounds. Learn to ski. Get along better with my family. Move to Timbuktu.” It can seem like shooting for the stars might be the best way to start so you have your ultimate goal in mind.

It might seem like a good idea to tell yourself you have to lose 50 lbs by X date. Otherwise, how else will you know what you want to do. See how silly that sounds?

I’m here to tell you, that’s not how it works.

I’ll give you an example of some of the goals I want to reach and what my unrealistic goals are side-by-side.

What I want to accomplish:

A regular exercise routine, a healthy diet vs. Meet goal weight by April 30th

Engage in activities that improve my self-confidence vs. Be more confident

Practice better time management vs. Accomplish every task laid out before

Track progress towards my ultimate goals vs. Accomplish everything I set out to do

These goals don’t let me off the hook. I need to be doing things and making progress and ensuring that what I am doing isn’t getting me off track. But at the end of the day, if I accomplished anything, even a very small task that keeps me going, I have met my resolution.

I might fail, but I am not letting it stop me.

One of the best things to do to stay motivated is to remind yourself of what you have already accomplished before you set out to reach your new resolutions.

What I accomplished last year:


You can peruse their site and let it speak for itself. I have learned so much from this group. I have improved in every avenue they list off:

  • My writing has improved. Just take one look at all the resources on just one page
  • I am scheduling daily reading and reading more constructively!
  • I have joined a community of writers and become more confident in putting myself into the community of writing. I will be blogging more about how I have improved leaps and bounds in this area. Hopefully you will see this blog soon on the new iteration of my website!

Overcoming Religious Abuse

This wonderful group led by Connie Baker, the author of Traumatized by Religious Abuse has provided me with so many things.

  • A new approach to therapy
  • A better understanding and new sense of self
  • Exercises and group therapy that help in combating intrusive thoughts/anxieties.
  • An overall therapeutic approach about a not-so-talked-about problem.

It even inspired me to write this article that was published in Recovering from Religion (ExCommunications)!

Just joining these two groups, on a whim, put me one step closer to self-actualization. So give it a shot. If these groups don’t speak to you, think about the kind of things you are interested in and check them out!

Here are some things I have already put into practice:

Daily restorative yoga through Peloton

Decluttered my office and home

Improved organization of my daily workload

Timed iteration of tasks

Also, I married my best friend and officially became a stepmom to my buddy!

My New Years Resolution tip for you: Do what makes you happy. Period. That’s the ultimate goal. Make a short list of things that make you smile and how to get closer to having those things daily. Mark my words, you will feel more accomplished than you might have expected.

Happy New Year and Good Luck!

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