#Funny Friday

Psst…you want to learn how to write when you aren’t writing?


Anyway, a recap. If you are reading this it means that you know that my husband and I ride his motorcycle on and off, which is seriously awesome 10/10 recommend it…

But I mentioned that I write while I am on the bike.

What I really meant was that because we aren’t talking to each other while we ride I am able to let my mind crawl anywhere it likes.

No, I don’t have a pencil or journal in hand, I’m not hanging off the back with a laptop strapped to me, but I am writing. Because I recently redefined what it means to write.

And you’ll be happy to know that it’s writing you could be doing right now…

But back to the bike. Today, as I took in the scenery of our small town, on the wide open road as we barreled down it, I was thinking. And my thoughts were LOUD. They always are on the back of that bike.

I let my mind fill with ideas, thoughts, and words. I let myself explore my brain in all the different directions it will go creatively, and I am not bound by things like schedules and word count.

So many forget that this is as huge part of writing. And IMHO it’s the most important part. And the most fun.

People don’t let themselves play with words anymore. They have to quickly create something tangible and market it. Yes, that is important to the business of writing, but if your writing is all business, it’s not fun anymore, Jack!

And you find you have become “a dull boy”.

And really think about how annoyed the creative bones in your body get when they don’t get any exercise and you say, not now later, not now later, not now later, over and over and over again.

So let your mind wander. Do it now.

And let me know how it turned out.

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