This week’s 4 C’s. Keeping it together!

Hi all. I’m back again. Having this new template is actually quite freeing. I can focus my time and research on pulling stuff together for you all, instead of just word-dumping on you. Maybe if you’re all over the place and not sure what to do, try creating a template to plug and play. Chaos can be fun, but sometimes order just feels so much better. #Adulting.


Guys, I bought this planner and it is saving my life! I know you might be thinking how can a planner help you be more creative?

Well, I found that sometimes trying to be creative can feel a bit chaotic in my brain. But having a planner for your creative work

and not just your day job or what-have-you can help reign it all in.

Just a quick peak into my brain: it breaks down all of your projects, week by week, month by month and it keeps you accountable, daily.
There’s even a section for brainstorming each week, which is one of the reasons why I think this is an awesomely great creative tool.
Check it out:

I love you planner.


What is your writing tool of choice? I tend to like to handwrite when the words don’t come. When I sit in front of the computer screen and just go “ugh” that’s when I know I need to go to a different room and pull out pad and pen. But TBH, I often like to use pencil. Maybe it’s less committal, IDK.

I use colored pens usually when I get close to the end of a project and pencils when I first start out. Like I said, brains are weird. But it works, dude!

I get so much writing done and I usually end up breaking through blocks too!

And yes, I will write in bed.


As the DIY MFA social media person I usually make a lot of the memes you will see if you follow the page. It’s a fun part of the job and apparently I’m the person on the team who is most skilled at it. That’s what they tell me. I like doing it because I get to add my flavor of humor to an otherwise not so interesting or maybe overused idea. Memes are just my jam I guess. Do you know how easy it is to make one? I’ll share with you my dirty little secret.


I started a funny little hashtag called #funnythingsiown which will probably get zero traction. And that’s okay, it’s just an experiment. But if you want to join in with me and share funny things you own I plan to keep doing it until I forget or move onto another topic.

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