Writing Your Origin Story

So since I run this page, you will see bits and pieces about me throughout.

Sometimes I will go on and on… (it’s for your benefit, I swear) But other times I want to just gloss over stuff.

Today I will do both, maybe, and just give you a rundown (using myself a guinea pig) of how to start writing your origin story.

I’m big on the origin story. I think it’s important to know where we came from the find out where we are going. It’s important also to make a list of our accomplishments, so we have something to stand on when we feel small.

So, without further rambling, here we go…

I was born on a rainy fall day in the early 80’s.

25 years ago I was:

Living not far from where I live now. I was just starting Junior High school and was terrified of bullies.

But I had also just started writing out some of that angst and was turning those notebooks into something that would later become part of my first novel.

20 years ago I was:

A chatroom junkie. Starting my first year of college. I was working at a radio station, taking creative writing, journalism and communications classes. I wasn’t motivated to get good grades (yet) and I had just started a job as a barista and met someone at that job who is still my best friend. I was making plans to move to California.

15 years ago I was:

Living on a mountain in San Diego with a bunch of crazy people. Experiencing daily culture shock. Buying my first car. My first semester at Cal State San Marcos after taking a gap year to get residency, I was introduced to teaching and started a teaching job for first year comp students and women’s studies minors. I was also writing volumes of poetry in secret.

10 years ago I was:

Married. Living back in my hometown (in Pennsylvania). On my third go around with college but much more serious about life. Deadly serious about everything and honestly not having a very good time. Working full-time and recuperating from a chronic illness. Not the happiest of times if I were to be totally honest.

5 years ago I was

Living in Michigan and ready to pack three bags and start my life over. I had started three novels and finished one and had one self-publication credit to my name. I wanted more. I was tired of writing taking a back seat.

So there you have it. Bits and pieces of who I am.

If you did this exercise, what would you discover about yourself?

Give it a shot.

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